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One of the most important keys to business success today is to be found through search engines, especially Google. We’ll show you how to do it right.

SEO: Improving Google ranking with search engine optimization

Good search engine optimization considers the constantly changing search algorithm and optimizes the search results (SERPs). Google constantly optimizes its search algorithm. Especially the latest updates were designed to give more importance to relevant content. For many SEO specialists, this content-related approach is difficult. PR professionals have a better understanding of such an approach because they are able to develop content creation strategies in which key messages are embedded in a deeper context (“deep content”) and put in the right places. Modern online communication must be able to do both – the classic media and the SEO side. What do you have to be aware of? We can help you with the development, as we are familiar with both the content and the technological side of modern SEO.

SEA: With Google Ads to success

With Google Ads, you can reach potential customers looking for businesses like yours in Google Search or Google Maps. You only pay for results, such as clicks that bring users to your site or phone calls to your business.

Looking to boost your visibility in the search engines, improve the conversion rate on your website and increase your sales thanks to Google Ads?

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