IC AG is serving satisfied customers in Germany, Europe and overseas.

This list contains a selection of client references from Germany, the USA, Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Spain and Italy. For many of them, we can look back on relations going back 5, 10 and sometimes even over 20 years. This is only achievable, when performance matches the clients perspectives, which leads to trust and satisfaction. These are the foundations for long-term relations.

The IC AG works together with their clients, many of them market leaders in their industry branches, on retainers and also on a project basis. The goal is to establish, long-term and effective relationships. In doing so, we can better attune ourselves to the requests from clients. We also gladly accept the challenge of ad-hoc work, should clients request these. Because after successful completion, these often lead to the start of longer-term customer relations.

Some clients want a clearly defined PR task developed. Others on the other hand, require event and marketing support as well as media planning in addition to public relations. For us this is a big vote of confidence. Digital asignments such as Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing, which we offer in-house, play an ever increasing role.

Foreign clients appreciate our extensive knowledge and the results of our intensive advice about the German media landscape, which often functions differently from what our clients are used to from their own countries. This extends to the support given to them at trade fair presentations.

We operate as a single-agency as well as a lead or led-agency for our clients. Collaborations with other agencies can be bilateral and also multilateral. Our membership with the Public Relations Global Network offers our clients the opportunity to access global markets.