The Castle Group

Massachusetts - Boston


Logo The Castle GroupThe Castle Group fuels client campaigns with the best creative ideas, strategies and tactical execution, supported by world-class client service, to help our clients achieve their business goals.

In 1996, we built Castle on a simple belief: public relations and events are the most powerful and credible messaging and motivational tools. And they require very distinct and exacting skill sets. That’s why, unlike most PR agencies, we view event planning as its own distinct practice area. The beauty of this model is that it gives clients access to the best minds with the right experience that fits their unique needs.

Everything in marketing has changed in line with the rise of digital and social media. We incorporate social strategies into all of our client campaigns – whether we’re coming up with a way to share social media chatter at one of our client events, creating compelling content for a PR client, or conducting a social media audit to see how a company stacks up against its competitors. Of course, we’re also leveraging the coverage and visibility we obtain for clients across their channels and our own.

This approach has allowed us to grow beyond our headquarters in Boston. In 2016, we opened offices in Atlanta and Maui to support an increasingly diverse client base, both in terms of size and locale.

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