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Logo Bianchi Public RelationsFounded in 1992 and based in Troy, Michigan, Bianchi Public Relations has earned recognition as the top Detroit PR firm for automotive, mobility, technology and related professional service firms operating in the business-to-business sector. We help select clients of all sizes, whether they are established U.S.-based companies, start-ups looking to launch or overseas-based global companies that are looking for North American market knowledge and local media connections.

B2B Automotive & Mobility Focus

We focus intently on the B2B automotive and mobility sectors, working to maintain a deep understanding of – and passion for – the techniques that work, as well as the trends, issues, events and media that impact your B2B enterprise.

By immersing ourselves in our clients’ business objectives and industries, we work as a top Detroit PR agency partner to build a customized program to help you effectively achieve the results you desire.

Storytelling Success

Trained as journalists, we help clients use various platforms to tell their stories. And as veteran PR pros, we can help you harness the incredible power of earned media – that is, having a trusted, credible media outlet tell and spread your story to its established audience for you.

How powerful is earned media? We helped generate one article in a business journal that led to tens of millions of dollars in new sales for one of our clients.

Relationships are Key

We work hard to nurture strong relationships and to connect our clients with the key journalists, editors, bloggers, industry analysts, academics and, ultimately, the customers that can help build their business. And we nurture the same kind of loyal relationships with our clients – guaranteeing each client exclusivity in its product or service … and earning their trust every day through our performance. Perhaps this is one reason that our client relationships typically last a decade or more – several times the industry average.

Senior Attention and Superior Service

Frustrated with wasting your time training eager, yet inexperienced, account executives?

We give every account the senior-level attention it deserves, through our responsive, team-based operating style. And when special challenges arise, each account team can draw in another staffer who has special expertise or connections, whenever needed.

Overall, our team is as committed and stable as it is talented. In fact, most of our account staff have been with Bianchi PR for 10 or more years.

Global Reach

As a member of the Public Relations Global Network, a consortium of the top independent PR firms who are experts in their local markets on six continents, we can offer our clients local expertise, senior attention and superior service … wherever they need it … through a single point of contact.

“What if” Approach

We don’t pretend to know it all, so we ask a lot of questions.

We want to dive deep to understand your organization’s business objectives and communications goals, as well as your industry, competitors, customers, prospects, employees, products and services. We want to know where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re headed; what has worked and what hasn’t … and why.

By asking a lot of questions, we are able to develop the appropriate strategic PR plan for your situation. And we’ll create a team of tenured staff, led by the firm’s owner, that will work with you day in and day out to achieve your goals.

The Bianchi PR Difference

There are lots of PR firms you could choose. Why choose us?

We simply work hard for our clients. Every day. For example, we spend 40-50 days per year at industry events … to stay ahead of the latest trends and issues, to interact with media and our clients’ prospects, and to create new opportunities for our clients.

We think Bianchi PR is different.

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