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Logo Athenora ConsultingAthenora Consulting is a leading independent European public affairs firm based in Brussels. We bring a unique expertise in EU affairs to the Public Relations Global Network.

The European institutions’ actions impact business environment worldwide. EU policies cover all aspects of the economy, including energy, environment, finance, health and safety, consumers affairs, transports, intellectual property, data protection, food issues, trade …

Athenora’s team has the know-how to design a successful EU strategy that help our client to protect their business and participate to the drafting of future laws. Our team has over a decade of experience working with the EU institutions.

We deliver to our clients tailor-made services. To this end, our team is trained to analyse our clients’ legislative and regulatory environment and to monitor developments at the EU level. our highly performing monitoring system relies also on our large network of key contacts in Brussels which allows us to get golden information.

We help our client to put across an effective message and shape expectations to be influential within the EU decision-making process. We design with our client the most efficient and creative lobbying strategy to improve their reputation, to manage EU issues, to work with stakeholders. We also build and manage large alliances to increase our clients’ influence.

Athenora is member of the French association of lobbyists (AFCL) and a board member of the European association of lobbyists (EPACA).
Athenora’s President, Stéphane Desselas, is a lecturer in various conferences and seminars including universities such as the French school of political science in Paris.

Dedicated to helping businesses find their way in the EU complex arena, Athenora is known for the books we wrote on successful EU lobbying.

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