accelent communications

Austria - Vienna


Logo accelent communicationsaccelent communications was founded (under the name “asoluto public relations”) as a leading Austria PR agency in 2011 as a direct answer to the new communications and pr challenges of our time. Consumers no longer rely on a few preferred information sources. But they rather use many different channels during various times of the day and the personal life cycle. To reach them with topics, products, and messages, it takes more: skills in content sourcing and technology, and a deep understanding of both traditional and social media.

A versatile team

The team of accelent combines this expertise. We apply strategies and channels strictly according to the goals of a campaign or a project. We have close relationships with all local key journalists. And we offer in-depth knowledge of how to create and manage social media campaigns or web development projects. Connected services like SEO, evidence based design, media trainings, or branding sum up to a 360° service portfolio: For small but exquisite local brands as well as for global players on the Austrian market or big local companies looking for a partner for integrated cross-country or Austria pr programs.

Full Service Range

Our expertise ranges from pr tasks to highly specific digital projetcs. As such, our daily work comprises media relations as well as crisis communications. And neighbour pr or steering multi-country campaigns with local partner agencies. A major strength is the local implementation of international pr programs.

PRGN partner in Vienna (Austria):