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Real estate businesses have been resorting to professional communication in various channel for ever. In real estate journalism, keeping close contact with writers of the specialized press is what really pays off.

Industrie-Contact (IC) is here to help to the real estate sector (whether leisure property or commercial area suppliers) in both communication and real estate marketing.

Our Real Estate PR competences

Anybody can put up advertisements on real estate online portals such as ImmobilienScout24, Immowelt, Immonet, Kalaydo, etc. or contact to potential buyers via renowned real estate brokers. However, there are different ways of reaching the target group.

Imagine you are a supplier of luxury properties in breathtaking locations with first-class golf courses in the immediate surroundings. It seems natural to you that you should position your real estate in golf-themed magazines; maybe not with an advertorial, but rather with a well-written editorial contribution including appealing pictures. Same goes for leisure properties offering first-class tennis or other sport-oriented features.


Regional and national media outlets

Our team of counsellors knows its way around the real estate landscape and can identify and address exactly the right media outlets. This means special interest media, but also high-level national and regional daily papers. Weekly newspapers and business media also come in the lot, since they will be read by solvent customers. Our core mission: finding good hooks for those outlets and making sure that luxury resorts, for example, appear in the report. As we are aware of the significant changes the media landscape has gone through over the past few years, we take into account all types of media: print, online, blogs, and social media.


Real-estate events

Events organized in cooperation with golf-clubs and golf media outlets are always a good idea. The areas around Munich and Düsseldorf are full of high-class golf clubs. Putting up an information stand at events such as local golf trophies, offering Famtrips, making an editorial contribution to local golf media outlets, publishing well-written editorials in the relevant online media: all those things can work wonders.

The same approach also works for first-class tennis clubs. In short, this cross between sales event and PR is very efficient.


Real estate on the internet

On top of this, we help our foreign customers optimize their German website version. More often than not, the latter tends to be little more than a poor translation of the original version. But it’s not just a matter of language differences. We also help in SEO (Search Engine Optimization): selecting accurate keywords and implementing lesser-known SEO rules can propel the website to top-results on Google. We also help create good backlinks.


Direct reach to international target markets

Last but not least, all our services are available on the world’s greateast markets thanks to our international network of 50 hand-picked partners.

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