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In our ever-developing society (especially in terms of demography), healthcare is going through a constant evolution. Working in medical communication means watching those changes as closely as possible. The fact that the media landscape has considerably changed in the past few years is also a point to take into account. This, as well as the emergence of many new media outlets, poses a whole new communication challenge. Our interdisciplinary team provides its services to our customers from the medical sector, helping brands gain coverage in target media and thus attaining their target audience.

Medical technology PR is a special communication field. An agency needs real know-how, an in-depth knowledge of the market and the capacity to work together with scientists, doctors and journalists.

Live communication for the medical sector

Live communication during trade shows and congresses, or even at spontaneous meetings, is a crucial tool to bring together our customers from the healthcare sector with their targeted media outlets.

We use classic PR work to help customers reach their audience through the specialized media. The digital media are another important part of modern communication, and bloggers and social media don’t work the same way medical journals do. Our Digital Team’s job is to process content to make it more attractive. On top of that, we provide help in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), while creating articles that match SEO criteria. This strengthens the company’s and the brand’s Google ranking.

We are glad to provide our services to international customers as well. We have been part of the Public Relations Global Network since 2002, which enables us to partner with PR agencies on every continent; their job is then to implement regional PR work for our customers. We then take on the role of leader agency so that our customers have a central contact point. This helps keep the whole process streamlined. Same goes for reporting, which gets supervised by us. Should a customer wish to work directly with a partner, we can establish the contact between both parties.

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