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Acos, Tesa, 3M, Castrol, Neste Oil, Sennheiser, Troostwijk, Sonae Arauco etc.

From the very beginning, Industrie-Contact has worked for industry companies. This means not only classic OEMs, but also technology and IT-oriented companies and brands. Our customers include Tesa, 3M, Castrol, Neste Oil, Vocollect, Trex, Silex Technology, Sisvel Technology, Troostwijk, Materialise and Sonae Arauco.

B-2-b PR is one of our core competences. Daily interaction with the specialized media is part of the agency’s DNA. The close relationships we have built over the years with an extensive number of contacts are an asset for our customers.

International companies and the German market

Foreign customers tend to struggle with the German market: they quickly end up in advertisement sales but aren’t very successful in the editorial department. We are here to help those companies gain access to editorial and obtain high-quality publications by providing well-written articles. This is no-frills classic Manufacturing PR, with great results always.


PR and the industry: it’s not always about scandalous affairs

When you look at the Diesel scandal, it’s easy to assume that the main job of PR agencies is to cover up the misdoings of companies such Volkswagen and Renault. But in reality, Manufacturing PR is a lot more down-to-earth. What we do is position the latest innovations of industry companies in the right outlets from the specialized media; this is an example of good old classic press work. Additionally, we work with industrial companies during leading trade shows. The aim there is to bring the right specialized and business media outlets over to the customer’s stand, or to give the customer coverage by holding a press conference. These forms of live communication are a great opportunity for the customer to engage in conversation with the media.


Hooks and storytelling

Our consultancy competences chiefly consist in finding good hooks that will interest editors because of their quality information. But knowing how to tell a good story is equally important: this is precisely what storytelling is about. Every company, every brand has its own story, but too often it stays hidden when it should instead be revealed: this is where we step in. We try to put ourselves into the journalist’s shoes: he or she always knows the readers’ expectations and how to meet them; and most importantly, how to enthuse readers with subjects that may seem a little technical at first by highlighting what is special and spinning it all into a good story.

In most cases, it helps to take off one’s technical goggles for a moment to try seeing things from the user’s point of view. What does he/she think? How is the product going to change people’s everyday life? Shifting perspectives makes it possible to write about very technical details on the latest development in hip implants, for example.


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