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Making communications tasty and healthy

Food and beverages PR is a sweet job. Industrie-Contact has already worked for many customers in the food and beverage segment: pistachios from California, wine, cheese and olive oil from Greece and Bulgaria, Romanian organic products, Portuguese bottle stoppers designed for wines both still and sparkling, and liquor from Germany.

Food and beverage is an incredibly exciting industry that constantly strives to suit the customers’s tastes – literally. Our job is to position products accurately in the media, firstly in specialised and trade journals. Secondly, the aim is to reach the end consumer through the media.

PR work for food manufacturers and brands

Presseveranstaltung VINTAGE RestaurantIn this context, our goal is to show our customers a credible and convincing way of communicating for their products. But it’s not just about tasting good. Consumers have so many questions: Which ingredients does this product contain? What is the manufacturing process like? How is the livestock treated? Which pesticides does the brand use? What are the product’s effects on health? Is there to much sugar or fat? Can it cause diseases?

Sometimes, doing Food and Beverage PR work for companies can feel a little like running the gauntlet. This is why working with experts such as nutritionists, doctors and key disseminators is extremely important in order to produce the right messages and spread them in the media.


green cola ProdukteSuch expertise allows us to handle the consumer, lifestyle and specialized press professionally. Our services include classic and online PR as well as Blogger Relations & Influencer Marketing, Social media and other electronic media.

We have already carried out Food and Beverage communication for international customers on many occasions. The fact that we are part of the Public Relations Global Network since 2002 alongside 50 other partnering agencies from all continents speaks for us.

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