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Anita, Mallani, Sør, Olaf Benz, Nomo Jeans, Inface, satisfyer and partner

We have accomplished classic end-consumer-oriented PR work for fashion and lifestyle brands such as Olaf Benz, Mallani, Nomo Jeans and Inface.

Regarding the Lifestyle sector, we have also done end-consumer-oriented PR work for sexual wellness brands Satisfyer and Partner, reaching an open-minded and adventurous audience.

Fashion PR: style and substance

Fashion brings style and confidence. Why dress negligently when you can dress to impress? However, there is a difference between casual chic and high fashion. The possibilites for good fashion PR are infinite: the sky’s the limit! But what are the best ways for a brand to gain coverage: a runway show at Fashion Week? Or simply in-store campaigns?

Industrie-Contact has assisted many customers from the fashion world. A few examples include: Anita, a 125-year-old corsetry and swimsuit brand; knitwear brand Mallani; men’s clothing brand Sør; men’s underwear label Olaf Benz; Finnish bespoke-jeans brand Nomo Jeans; and Danish sunglass manufacturer Inface.


Nomo Jeans: body scanners for bespoke magic

We all know body scanners from airports; they are used for everyday security. This is why a jeans company using body scanners seems like a crazy idea at first. But that’s exactly what Nomo Jeans does: create the perfect pair of jeans thanks to body scanner technology.

The Nomo store, located on the 1st floor of Levantehaus, an elegant shopping gallery in the center of Hamburg, was missing casual customers; the fact that it is located at the end of the gallery also contributed to this.

Classic press work, a press event and a guerrilla marketing campaign helped emphasize the brand and the store’s location. This involved creating an aesthetically designed press map and preparing a hand-picked media list.

The journalists had to share their most personal vision of the store possible. They were made to act like clients testing the body scanner and trying their individually tailored Nomo Jeans on. Cooperations and competitions were also organized, as well as individual editorial visits in Hamburg. A small guerrilla marketing campaign was also organized in Mönckebergstrasse to both cultivate blogger relations and involve social media.

These measures helped score numerous positive reports in print and online media, which contributed to the exposure of Nomo Jeans and its store in Levantehaus.


Lifestyle PR at its most daring: sexual wellness

The modern concept of sexual wellness has nothing to do with the stereotypical image of grubby sex stores. Women and men, alone or as couples, are now more daring in the bedroom and more open to new sexual experiences; the use of sex toys is becoming increasingly popular. Satisfyer, for example, is a women’s toy designed for clitoral stimulation with pressure waves. The partner toy is designed for use by couples; its innovative style requires a bit of time getting used to. This is where lifestyle PR takes on an almost educational role. Both brands call upon Industrie-Contact for end-consumer-oriented PR work. This allows a larger audience to benefit from new stimulation possibilities.

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