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Economics & Finance PR

EulerHermes, Access Revenues North America, Sariva, HypoVereinsbank, CPU, Conrad Hinrich Donner Bank, dit Allianz Dresdner Asset Management, LEG Berlin-Brandenburg

We have managed to develop a list of customers whose work focuses on finance, finance optimisation and protection from financial risks.

Industrie-Contact has had the opportunity to work with many different customers of the economics and finance sector. Our tasks range from internal communication, traditional press work and roadshows across Europe to creating classic print products.

Economics and Finance PR in all its diversity

For trade credit insurance company Euler Hermes, we organized an ambitious web project on loan-loss risk in international companies. We helped US company Access Revenues North America, which assists foreign companies in entering the US market –making more of a difference than any chamber of commerce – gain more recognition in Germany. Finally, German insurance consulting company Sariva mostly helps smaller businesses optimize their finances; we helped it gain the coverage it deserved. These few examples show how diverse our work in the economics and finance sector can be.


Live communication and roadshows across the country and in Europe

We provided counselling and helped organize meetings for the HypoVereinsbank; our focus was live communication with journalists.

We also had the opportunity to work with software consulting services agency CPU, which partners with banks, bank-related institutes, industry, IT and telecommunications companies and the public sector, always providing target-oriented and forward-thinking work. Our task was to increase CPU’s recognition in the specialized media with classic press work.


Classic print products

We created company brochures for the Conrad Hinrich Donner Bank and for regional development company LEG Berlin-Brandenburg. For Allianz Dresdner Asset Management, we organized roadshows for investors across Europe.

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