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PR for IT and Consumer electronics: what it’s all about?

Consumer Electronics (CE) plays a key role in all aspects of our lives – professional and private. „Industry 4.0“, „Internet of things“ (IoT) and “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) are causing a buzz right now. But what do they actually mean? Industry 4.0 happens when production combines with the latest information and communication technology findings. The „Internet of Things“ describes the increasingly widespread use of „smart“devices, ie equipped with sensors and connected to each other by the Internet.

IT and CE PR boils down to three things: recognising, knowing and boosting trends. Not knowing about a trend means it is impossible to provide the media the right information at the right time. Right now, bloggers and influencers are very important in PR. They adopt trends at their very start, getting noticed by journalists from both online and print media outlets. Journalists are then provided with press articles and visual material in order to spread the information along the media chain. Trade shows such as the IFA in Berlin are also a place to spread information on the latest trends in the sector.

IT and consumer electronics PR in all its diversity: Sennheiser, Changhong, Yamaha Music, Universal Music, Sisvel and many more

Industrie-Contact has worked for many companies and brands from the IT and consumer electronics sector. A few famous names include: German headphone, earphone and microphone specialist Sennheiser; leading Chinese TV and kitchenware manufacturer Changhong; Japanese musical instrument manufacturer Yamaha; world-leading record label Universal Music; Italian 3D-video coding and decoding technology firm Sisvel; German-American big data treatment startup Datameer; and Silex Technology, a Japanese expert in hardware and software connectivity.


Technology PR: live communication at the Berlin IFA

For Sisvel and Changhong, we took on live communication at the Berlin IFA on several occasions. In Sisvel’s case, the aim was to invite journalists over to the company stand so they could learn more about 3D-video coding and decoding technology. 3D Tile Format was of course important. For Changhong, the challenge was to bring a Chinese consumer electronics giant to a wider public. Unlike its competitor Hisense, which for example sponsored the 2016 UEFA European championship and the 2017 Confed Cup, Changhong chose direct press work with specialized and consumer-oriented media. However, this didn’t stop the company from doing its first-ever small-scale sponsoring operation for German football club FC Augsburg.

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