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Beauty, Care & Cosmetics PR

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Beauty, Care and Cosmetics PR is one of our passions. Skincare has been a focus of the agency ever since its foundation in 1979. It’s in our skin!

Dermatological expertise for the pharmacological sales channel is one of our core competences. Our professional PR works ensures that companies from the beauty, health and wellness sectors get the right brand communication.

Beauty, Care and Cosmetics PR for both end-consumer-oriented and specialized media

We are proud to promote major beauty trends of now such as medipharma’s eyelash-growth boosting product Wimpern Booster, microneedling or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal systems. Aside from classic press work and online PR, we also use dialogue-driven communication channels. Blogger relations play an increasingly important role when it comes to positioning a brand efficiently and concisely during a product launch. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram help reach the audience targeted by our customers.

When communicating with the media, we distinguish two categories: end-consumer-oriented and specialized. We search for creative ideas and take into account demands in terms of content as well as technical requirements.

And even if no new launches are in the works, we still find ways to highlight products that are already on the market!


Contacts, contacts and contacts: the key to successful Beauty PR

We enjoy close and long-standing relationships with many beauty journalists across the whole country, and are in contact with the most renowned journalists in the specialized media. Our “special relationship“ with leading media outlets helps us score first-class releases for our customers. Our long-standing ties with relevant media outlets also mean we can make attractive offers and PR specials on the regular to best showcase beauty products!.


Putting the focus on pharmacy communication

The German market for body and face care is a billion-euro business where many brand manufacturers from the pharmacy sales channel compete against each other.

So that those brands can bring together doctors, pharmacists, PTAs with end consumers, some conditions are crucial:

• an in-depth knowledge of the market, an understanding of all the product’s workings as well as its emotional value compared to competing products, dermatological know-how, outstanding media contact and –last but not least–

• a flawless writing style including hooking headlines matching the tone of beauty world, and capable of highlighting the product’s singularity.

Pharmacy communication is therefore one of our most prominent skills. We also organise trade events and congress participations (such as Interpharm) on behalf of our customers.

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