Automotive PR

Communications for Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen etc.

Industrie-Contact has been working for companies in the automotive sector for decades. The focus is on customers with what could be called „non-technical“ services. This includes, among others, services in the fields of vehicle documents and fleet service. The automotive PR work provided to our customers targets the specialized media as well as the daily press and the business media.

The positioning of B2B-oriented brands requires an in-depth understanding of the subject in order to obtain publications in specialized journals such as Autohaus or Flottenmanagement. Our technology- and media-savvy staff has been working on those subjects for years and knows all the ins and outs of automotive PR.

How automotive PR reaches top decision-makers

As our everyday life becomes increasingly digitalized, so does the media. This is why an online media presence is deemed just as important as a presence in classic print by our customers. Hence specialized newsletters, enabling us to reach a small, however influent target group of top-decision makers. This allows us to deliver automotive PR directly to the decision-makers.


Electrical cars, the Diesel scandal, freeway tolls: negative PR at ist best

Currently, PR does not seem to be doing an effective job on controversial topics in the automotive industry or transport policy. The reputation of companies involved in the Diesel scandal is suffering; electrical cars are regarded with more scepticism than ever. Only Tesla and Toyota seem to be faring slightly better than others.

Reputation Management is one of the particular services offered by our agency. Its aim is to nurture or restore the reputation of a company or a brand. In the age of the Internet, where just a few negative reports are enough to cause lasting damage, this service is more in demand than ever.

Targeted measures are employed. Negative reports can be deleted. The sources of information are contacted and requested to either delete, or revise the information in case reports were false. Furthermore, positive reports can supersede the negative ones in the search results. Although this process may seem tedious at times, this part of Reputation Management considerably helps restoring the brand or company’s image in the long run.

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