Automotive & Mobility

PR for Automotive & Mobility

Communication in the car country (Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Opel, Porsche, Volkswagen)

Industrie-Contact has been working since the foundation of the agency for companies in the automotive & mobility sector. The focus is on customers with so-called non-technical services. These are services that deal, for example, with automotive documents and fleet services. Automotive PR for our customers is aimed at specialist media as well as daily and business media

The placement of brands in this area requires a deep thematic understanding in order to be able to achieve publications in specialist media such as car dealerships or fleet management. Our team of technically and medially versed employees has been dealing with these topics for many years and therefore knows which discussions are being held and where the starting points and hooks for public relations work lie in the automotive sector.

What do our customers want?

Our customers love publications in specialised media or business & daily media that reach their target groups precisely. And it’s not about e-cars, diesel scandals, motorway tolls, speed limits or other negative topics about automobiles.

Rather, it is about services in fleet management or the registration of motor vehicles. For years, for example, online registration has been a major topic. Until now, you could only deregister or re-register your vehicle online. In the future, all services related to vehicle registration will also be possible online. From 1 October 2019, the third stage of the “i-Kfz” project will be implemented. This is an example of how communication strategies built up over many years and targeted public relations and public affairs can advance a topic.

A special service of our agency is Public Relations combined with Search Engine Optimization to achieve reputation improvement. This is a particularly important topic in the automotive & mobility sector. The aim is to protect or restore the reputation of a company or a brand. This service is becoming increasingly important on the internet in particular, where a few negative publications can have a lasting damaging effect.

Here, targeted measures can be taken to eliminate or correct the negative publications. In addition, good new messages can push the bad ones further back in the search results. This process is sometimes laborious, but in the end it contributes greatly to the reputation being gradually restored thanks to reputation management.