Worldwide auctions of industrial assets

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Worldwide auctions of industrial assets

We are more than a logo or a website. We are 210 people. And we’re ready to help you benefit from value

We believe that everything has value. But you have to be able to find, recognize and benefit from it. Whether you want to buy or sell industrial assets. That is exactly what Troostwijk does. We bring buyers and sellers from around the world together online. We value, advise and are Europe’s biggest B2B auction house.

The business is largely conducted online. That means Troostwijk puts auctions on its website, making it a leader in e-commerce in its business sector. Interested parties can place their bids online. The auctions are organized by industry, and within an industry there are in turn subcategories to quickly find your way around.

Why Troostwijk

Buyers find the biggest offer of industrial assets. Bidding is easy and buying is safe. Sector experts help sellers to get the best revenue. You’ll reach the right buyers all over the world and have you money quickly in your account.

Trusted since 1930

In 1930 Salomon Izaak Troostwijk first registered his company. Now, decades of experience later, we fully master the craft of auctioning. With industry experts throughout Europe, 180 employees and buyers all over the world. We auctioned with and for impressive companies like Fokker, Imtech and Heerema. Mostly for companies that want to improve their asset management. Because everything has value.

Valuation & Advice

Finding and recognizing value has everything to do with valuations and advice. What kind of assets are there, who’s the actual owner and what is its value? And how can you use them for a healthier company, to reinvest, to be more flexible? That’s where our team of valuers/appraisers and advisors come in.