Kinderhilfswerk Eine Welt e.V.

We help children

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Kinderhilfswerk Eine Welt

We help children

Since 1975 the aid organization Children Charity Organization One World (Kinderhilfswerk Eine Welt) initiates, promotes and supports projects aiming at health, care and education of children in the third world. Supported by local confidants, our organization seeks to operate both effectively and efficiently. Securing human rights, children’s rights and last but not least girls’ rights (including fighting female circumcision) is the superior goal of our work.


Continuity in helping others to help themselves

Our projects, spread over Africa, Asia and South America, are united by a common goal: improving children’s living conditions where physical and intellectual talent can develop freely and bear fruit. Only if human beings know where they belong, dignity and self-respect will prosper and find its proper expression. We therefore support resources – within education, healthcare and human care – from which children as the weakest members of our society will benefit for the rest of their lives. As we seek to live up to our own aspirations and ambitions, our working process requires patience, trust and the openness to self-criticism. 
Having completed over four decades of successful projects we confidently welcome new tasks and challenges and still will be in the future to overcome child poverty and lack of perspective.