Auktionshaus STAHL

Internationally known auction house in Hamburg

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Auktionshaus STAHL

Internationally known auction house in Hamburg

Auktionshaus Stahl is an internationally renowned, family-run auction house in Hamburg in Hamburg for art, jewellery and watches. Since 1978, it has been one of the leading addresses in the Hanseatic City for the purchase and auction of high-quality objects. Centrally located, our city villa near the Außenalster offers a unique setting for the auction of art and antiques. Your top address in Hamburg for buying and selling modern and contemporary art, paintings, bronzes, antiques, jewellery and watches.

Auktionshaus Stahl has been established in the market for more than four decades and represents a constant in the German art trade with an international reputation.

As a family-run business, we have decades of uninterrupted expertise and experience in the brokerage and valuation of works of art.

We have access to a solid and solvent buyer and consignor base at home and abroad, which has been built up and continuously expanded over decades, as well as excellent contacts to leading experts and museums worldwide.

A team of experienced experts and art historians, some of them with doctorates, provides the current market-oriented team of advisors, who are happy to answer your questions if you wish to buy or sell something.

We use all modern presentation channels and techniques such as live bidding.

Our clients benefit from:

  • classic sales channels such as a high-quality presentation of the properties on offer in a lavishly produced print catalogue / magazine
  • an excellent and appealing internet presence (also in English) with an additional flip catalogue
  • an additional presentation of objects on various external national and international auction platforms, which take into account the specific needs of collectors based in the respective countries and specifically open up important markets such as the East Asian region
  • advertising appearances in leading art magazines as well as in the relevant daily press and a corresponding editorial reception in the media
  • our long-standing cooperation with national and international art databases

In the representative and spacious rooms of our family-owned city villa on Graumannsweg, close to the Alster and the city centre, we adequately present a diverse range of high-quality objects from the 17th to the 21st century, covering the entire spectrum of art and antiques.

Quality standards, solidity and discretion characterise our house. Outstanding surcharges, many years of loyalty and a constantly growing clientele, also in non-European countries, are the result of these maxims.

Competence, flexibility, quick reaction to changes and the focus on sustainability – values that endure – are what distinguish us.

Auktionshaus Stahl is a member of Bundesverband Deutscher Kunstversteigerer BDK and a partner of the Art Loss Register. All lots with a limit price greater than or equal to 2.500 € are checked against the Art Loss Register database.