The sustainable fitness innovation

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The sustainable group fitness and health innovation

Experience the rebirth of your health in its most original form!

Ajambow® requires no effort, is easy to do and imitate and is great fun. All exercises can be individually adapted to suit your physical condition and provide a lasting feeling of exhilaration, happiness and physical and mental well-being.

Whether you are a fitness and sports enthusiast, obese, sports-averse or have back problems: Ajambow® is for everyone and all ages. The deep muscles are stimulated by the water flowing in the Ajambow® and can thus easily provide pain relief for your back, shoulders or neck and holistically integrate body, mind and soul. If in doubt, please contact your doctor.

A day in exotic Africa where we become one with the land, the people and the history of those who have lived there for generations.

Your Ajambow® course is exercises packed into a fantastic dance choreography! Your entire body will be trained to rousing African rhythms in a way that you will hardly feel the exertion. A thoroughly holistic approach that will soon have you noticing how your back, neck and shoulders feel better. Clearly!

It doesn’t matter whether you do Ajambow® in the gym or at home.
The result is a holistic fitness of your body in which you simultaneously train muscle groups in the upper and lower body with ease.

The Ajambow® is your faithful companion throughout the entire session and that is the secret to holistic success.

And you know what the best part is? Thanks to the choreography and the music, you won’t even feel the strain of all these movements, because the combination of all these elements will be a lot of fun! Try it out!

The muscular effects of the movements with our Ajambow® on the back, shoulders and neck are extraordinary and have been proven by sports science measurements from the sports faculty at the University of Leipzig.