Case Study: Auction House Stahl

Improving Google Ranking

Auction House Stahl – Improving Google Ranking

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Improving Google ranking of auction platform


Auction House Stahl

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Search Engine Marketing

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The auction house Stahl is one of the most renowned and oldest auction houses in Hamburg and Germany.

The challenge was to improve the Google ranking of the website and to deal with six major competitors based in Hamburg.


Creation of a complete on-page seo improvement program in order to achieve top organic Google rankings.

Strategy included improvements of existing content, creation of additional content as well as picture tagging and technical optimizations such as URLs, internal links, duplicate content checks.

Execution and creativity

Basic analysis: Evaluation of ad-hoc measures, elimination of errors and suggestions for improvement.

Competitor analysis.

Keyword analysis & definition of focus keywords.

Content revision: Adjustment of the keyword density, semantic optimization of the content under consideration of the keywords – especially metatags; tagging of image files.

Content development & landing pages: Landing pages for specific keywords and topics.

Technical optimizations: Adaptation of the page and URL structure, optimization of internal links, checking for defective links, sitemap adaptation, transmission to Google Search Console, checking for duplicate content.

Constant monitoring and adjustments, selective corrections on the basis of constant monitoring of ranking changes.

Monthly reporting and graphical display of rankings in monthly comparison, improvements vs. deteriorations, competitor comparison.


  • Significant increase of Sistrix visibility index within 6 months.
  • Several focus keywords could achieve Google position 1.
  • Further important keywords achieved top 3 and top 10 positions.