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Which expert would you like to work with for a full day and why?

30 international PR experts as knowledge base

I was recently interviewed by an online media editor from netzwirtschaft.net. One of the questions read as follows: Which expert would you someday love to spend an entire day working together with and why? For an entire week, I racked my brain trying to answer this question and still couldn’t find a suitable answer – until I flew to Dubai for our Public Relations Global Network‘s (PRGN) half-yearly conference.

For three days, I sat together with close to 30 experts and realized that this “swarm mentality”, was presently the best thing that could have happened to me in terms of gathering international expert knowledge. I know our PR colleagues personally, we have for many years come together from all over the world, but this time in Dubai the exchange was especially productive. What were my key findings?

  • Through our presentations and discussions, we could discover which new trends are popular in PR business and could immediately swap ideas.
  • We learnt about new applications such as Wunderlist and could for instance compare this with Basecamp.
  • We exchanged our best practices with each other and as a result learnt about the most successful campaigns from all parts of the world.
  • We also discussed the campaigns which have not succeeded in order for us to learn from these experiences.
  • We explored ways to jointly acquire clients.
  • The PRGN directory (our intranet) gives us access to over 1000 client cases, which are sorted according to sectors and services. When I need to develop a concept for a new client, I first search here to discover what our partner agencies have already accomplished in these fields. Moreover, our most successful cases, thanks to our yearly awards, are highlighted in this directory.
  • In the evenings when we finish the day’s sessions, we continue to discuss business and private matters in a relaxed atmosphere and have as a result come to highly appreciate each other.
  • I know for a fact then when I experience problems and challenges in my own agency that I can always reach out to all these great people and ask them to brainstorm.

For me, the question raised by the online media editor has been absolutely satisfactorily answered. And the beauty of it all: I have access to these experts not only for one day but 24/7 for 365 days a year. The ultimate achievement!


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Portrait: Uwe Schmidt
Foto: Uwe Schmidt
Caption: Uwe Schmidt is the CEO of Industrie-Contact (IC) with head office in Hamburg as well as the Past President & current Head of the Advisory Board of the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN)



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