The Hamburg Industrie -Contact does PR for Changhong

PR Agency Germany - Industrie-Contact
The Hamburg Industrie-Contact does PR for Changhong

The Chinese CE producer Changhong launches brand and quality campaign in Germany

The Chinese consumer electronics company Changhong, second largest television producer in China, is launching a brand and quality campaign in Germany. In able to gain a stronger media awareness for Changhong, the product line ChiQ and especially for the UHD TV series, Changhong has commissioned the Hamburg-based PR agency Industrie-Contact (IC). The PR specialists will draw attention to the company and its products through continuous media relations.

Changhong was founded in 1958 and is one of the largest television producers worldwide. The company is evolving from an OEM, currently working for other brands, to a brand manufacturer with own product lines. Among others, the product series of TVs in the luxury segment will be brought to the market under the name “ChiQ“, which also can be viewed at the International Consumer Electronics fair IFA in Berlin this September. The Chinese manufacturer is demonstrating how they can meet the high technical standards of the German market with their attractive products of ChiQ.

Changhong‘s headquarters is based in Sichuan. The European Sales & Marketing is in Berlin. Since 2005 the company has a European manufacturing site in the Czech Republic. Changhong’s sales network is spread across 110 countries. Over 35.000 people worldwide work for the Changhong company.

Chaim Ning, president Changhong Europe: “We have been in Germany for 7 years and have learned which high technical standards are ensured here. We meet these standards and prove it with our new product line ChiQ.“


About Changhong

Founded in 1958 in China with currently over 35.000 employees, Changhong is one of the largest CE manufacturers worldwide and China’s second largest manufacturer of smart TVs. Next to televisions, refrigerators and washing machines, air conditioning and compressors are part of the core business. Furthermore Changhong has also made a name for themselves with smart phones, navigation systems, kitchen appliances, power stores and electronic components, including an own chip design. Currently Changhong is progressing from an OEM of leading global brands to a brand manufacturer with own research and development centres and with an international orientation. The company has already begun offering technically high-quality products at attractive prices within the TV segment under the brands Changhong and ChiQ. The sales network currently covers 110 countries. The company has a location in Germany since 2009, based in Berlin.



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