My summer internship in Hamburg

PR Agency Germany - Industrie-Contact
My summer internship in Hamburg

By Leonie Löffler

The world of PR and public affairs work

During my nine-week internship at Industrie-Contact as part of my bachelor’s degree in Salzburg, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the world of PR and public affairs work. The time flew by and it feels as if I’ve only just started working here. But now I’m heading back to Austria. I won’t forget my time here and my beloved projects!

At Industrie-Contact, you are perceived and integrated as a fully-fledged team member right from the start. In my very first week, I helped to create mailing lists and was actively involved in various projects. The opportunity to be so seamlessly integrated into the team as an intern is not a given and was an outstanding experience for me.

I had the chance to delve deeper into some projects and was able to attend meetings to gain an even better insight into the day-to-day business. In my role as an intern, I have the opportunity to participate in a variety of tasks, including making PR calls, conducting research and writing press releases.

Family atmosphere

The team gave me a warm welcome right from the start and I felt very comfortable here. The team spirit was strengthened by having lunch together in the kitchen, but also by working together intensively in groups.

The highlight was the company outing, during which we visited the Airbus factories. For once, the weather in Hamburg was at its best and we were able to have lunch outside in a restaurant afterwards. Afterwards, we went to the Hamburg Dungeon together.

I would like to thank the entire team at Industrie-Contact! During my time here, I was able to gain a lot of valuable experience and learn a lot from your work. I can recommend an internship like this to anyone who is interested in public relations, communication or journalism.



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