Smart Home and the importance of PR for an "intelligent home"

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Smart Home and the importance of PR

Smart Home: Trend with a future

Smart Home is a technological concept that links devices and systems in a house and allows these to be mobile-controlled. Having a Smart Home system means comfort, improved quality of life and safety. No wonder that they have become so popular with consumers: the systems perform controlling and monitoring tasks for heating, electricity, multimedia devices, security cameras and everyday tasks such as lawn mowing and vacuuming. But there is also a lack of competent communication on these solutions.

Together with the growing interest of consumers, the range of Smart Home systems is also growing. Thereby, the many possibilities of use of a Smart Home are becoming increasingly confusing. In fact, the majority of users do not know how to combine individual applications into a smart overall system. Thus, much of the potential of Smart Home solutions is lost. In addition, there is a great uncertainty in many consumers as to how to protect their privacy. People fear that a Smart Home system could store personal information and pass it on to third parties. The addition of language assistants such as Alexa or Siri to a Smart Home is also questionable: Only recently, whistle-blowers confirmed in reports by The Guardian and Bloomberg News that large companies such as Google, Apple or Amazon record and store conversations using language assistants. Amazon responded to the scandal with the introduction of a new feature for Alexa that controls privacy settings. Whether this solution really comforted the consumers is another story.

The trend towards digitalization

What used to sound like science fiction has become a reality for many. In recent years, the demand for Smart Home systems in Germany has risen sharply. This is displayed by the high turnover of 3.6 billion euros achieved by Smart Home providers in Germany this year – and this figure is expected to double by 2023, reports

Smart Home is also an issue for us in the agency. Our customer ProntoPro, a service platform for supply and demand of professional and technical work, has published a study on “Popularity list for Smart Home solutions”. The study shows that Smart Home systems that make life more comfortable in the summer are particularly popular in Germany: namely automated roller shutters and air conditioning systems. Rademacher – a provider of Smart Home solutions – referred to this study in a blog article on the subject of “Roller shutters in Smart Home”. Rademacher explains in the blog article the uncomplicated refitting of manual roller shutters with electric radio belt winders, and how the installation of automated roller shutters in new buildings works. Automated roller shutters can also be combined with other household components such as heating and electricity to form a smart overall system.

Smart Home: Enhancing credibility through sound communication

Sound communication for Smart Home providers is important. The task of good press relations helps to inform potential customers about all possible applications and to prevent misunderstandings – for example the issues on the abuse of privacy. With good PR work, it is possible to focus instead on the benefits of Smart Home systems: such as the fact that they are energy efficient and therefore good for the environment and your wallet – e.g. Smart Home systems that program heating and electricity to be energy efficient. It is also important to inform quickly and effectively about technical developments and new additions to the systems – this is especially relevant in the technological field since upgrades occur often.


More information

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