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About the money: PR fees, wages and salaries

How much do freelancers in the PR industry earn?

Since 1997, the German Public Relations Association (DPRG) has been using an industry survey to determine developments in salaries and fees in the PR industry. The results were recorded in the Salary and Fee Barometer 2022. This also shows how much freelancers earn with PR services.

A total of 116 people (48 men and 67 women) took part in the survey. Just under 50 percent are between 51 and 60 years old, and a good 85 percent are over 40. Around two-thirds work full-time. 58 freelancers reported their annual income. The median income was 68,000 euros. The average was around EUR 105,000. However, this figure was strongly influenced by a single very high earnings figure of EUR 420,000.

The hourly rate per service was wide-ranging, with a significant price increase evident compared to 2019. The price range 61-70 euros was among the most frequently mentioned ranges in 2019. In the current survey, 70 euros and more per hour was mostly charged. This time, the services moving image and podcast were also queried. However, a large proportion of respondents do not yet offer this service.

Hourly rates for freelance PR work

30 – 40 Euro41 – 50 Euro51 – 60 Euro61 – 70 Euro71 – 80 Euro81 – 90 Euro91 – 100 Euro> 100 Euronot in portfolio
Digital communication
and social media
Media work1,14,35,34,38,511,714,929,820,2
Moving image1,12,12,15,31,14,384,0


< 60 Euro60 – 80 Euro81 – 100 Euro101 – 120 Euro121 – 140 Euro141 – 160 Euro161 – 180 Euro> 180 Euro
Project management10,5312,6327,3715,799,477,376,3210,52


(Question: What hourly rate do you charge for the following services? / Figures as a percentage. n = 94 / 93)
© DPRG e.V. / Medienfachverlag Oberauer

Even though the number of participants was not very high at 116 (out of a total of 1,047), it is easy to see in comparison to 2019 that the hourly rates for most services have increased significantly. Also noticeable is that the income groups are very diverse. Salaries and fees among permanent PR employees in organizations (companies, NGOs, associations and institutions) and agencies are much more homogeneous.


More information

DPRG: The DPRG Salary and Fee Barometer 2022



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