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About the money: PR fees, wages and salaries
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2015 edition of DPRG fee and trend barometer shows developments in PR fees

How have PR fees evolved over the current decade? The German Public Relations Association (DPRG) conducted a detailed survey on revenues of PR agencies in 2015. The previous trend barometer had been released in 2010.

On the whole, hourly fees of self-employed PR consultants and free journalists are lower than those of agencies’ (PR consultants: €104; copywriters: €78; graphic designers: €80). However, organisation and documentation fees are higher than those of agencies, with respectively €97 and €78 per hour.


Small agencies’ fees go up

Small agencies recorded an increase in their consultancy fees compared to the 2010 survey: chief advisors earned €156 an hour, senior consultants €116, and junior consultants €94. Things are different, however, for medium and large agencies: chief advisors earn €163 an hour, senior consultants €113 and junior consultants €83. In terms of organization and documentation, smaller agencies and freelance consultants are faring better on the whole.


How much does PR concept and monthly PR consulting cost (in 2015)?

Flat rates for various services show as follows. Clear distinctions between small, medium-sized and large conception are not always simple.

Flat ratable servicesFreelance consultantsSmall agencyMedium/large agency
Small concept1.566 €2.813 €4.130 €
Medium concept3.022 €5.021 €6.976 €
Large concept4.899 €7.430 €10.716 €
Local/regional press conference2.626 €4.531 €6.345 €
Interregional press conference4.511 €6.809 €11.323 €
Online press conference3.100 €3.075 €7.039 €
Creation of 45-minute speech2.147 €2.288 €3.777 €
12-page customer magazine4.594 €6.042 €8.370 €
PR retainer (minimum)2.041 €1.717 €2.512 €
PR retainer (maximum)4.340 €5.575 €19.925 €


(Median 2015, Source: DPRG Honorar- und Trendbarometer 2015)


About the German Public Relations Association (DPRG)

The DPRG was founded in 1958 and has approximately 2,500 members, divided in 15 work groups and nine national groups in order to promote members’ exchanges and training.

Industrie-Contact has been a member of the DPRG since 2002 and also adheres to the DRPR, the German PR council (DRPR).


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