News and insights from seoday 2019

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News and insights from seoday 2019

Presentations and exhibition stands about search engine optimization

Many topics around SEO were presented at seoday 2019. In addition to three lecture sessions, several trade fair booths invited visitors to exchange information. We summarize some important findings in this blog post.

Good copying often leads to success

According to Johannes Beus, CEO of Sistrix, good SEO is often created by copying. After defining a keyword set, you should analyze the sites that are at the top under those keywords. In the first step they are copied, in the second step you should work on the optimization of the own copy. This strategy is more effective than positioning yourself with a completely new website concept.

Google algorithm (almost) no longer transparent

Until some time ago, SEO professionals knew almost all the criteria that helped to improve Google‘s ranking. These rankings could be used for both German and international websites. In addition, these criteria applied regardless of topics and industries. These times are obviously over. Meanwhile, Google relies on Artificial Intelligence (AI), which creates special features for every industry, every topic and every country. SEO experts must therefore carry out extensive analyses for each project in order to understand which methods work for the respective project and which no longer work.

Good writing does more than backlinks

While many search engine optimizers are still busy building backlinks, Johannes Bornewasser of RP Online is convinced that professional writing is the main criterion for good rankings. Links are secondary. Those who produce really good content automatically receive valuable links. In addition, content can be converted into money through a variety of systems. He explained in an exemplary manner how he can equip his travel page with additional and thematically suitable affiliate links and thus not only earn money, but also offer the reader added value.

Importance of domains declined

Domains are no longer as crucial for SEO professionals as they were a few years ago. Nevertheless, choosing the right domain plays an important role in online marketing. According to Christian Voss, CMO of Sedo, .com domains are more expensive than .de domains because they have an international orientation. In addition, domains with ten or more letters become cheaper.

Using cookies properly

According to Christian Solmecke of the law firm Wilde Beuger Solmecke, website operators should act quickly and at least regulate the opt-in for cookies in accordance with the law. There are already some cookie plug-ins for CMS solutions such as WordPress. If you are looking for a new CMS system, you should already make sure that the CMS can comply with the new guidelines.



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