New PRGN eBook

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New PRGN eBook

30 PR professionals reveal secrets of how successful communication works

To mark its 30th anniversary, the Public Relations Global Network has now published an eBook in which 30 PR and communications experts from the network have compiled their key insights into how successful communications works and how to guide your agency through the ever-changing communications landscape.

IC board member Uwe Schmidt, who was PRGN President in 2014/15 and PRGN Vice President EMEA in 2019/20, has also compiled his key points , on how to successfully run an agency, in the eBook. Here they are:

  • Focus on industries you know something about, because the chances of doing good communications in industries you know little about are not high. The business will then be short-lived because the customer will quickly become dissatisfied.
  • Make sure staff stays on board longer and can work independently. Refresh the staff in a purposeful manner, but not to stress the existing forces, but to be able to meet customer needs in the best possible way.
  • Make an effort to retain your clients for the long term, as this provides the agency with a healthy order book on which to build further growth.
  • Be financially well equipped to minimize dependence on banks in times of crisis or to be completely independent of them.
  • Build leadership that allows for a good mix of years of experience and fresh energy and impetus.
  • Make sure that your website is always up to date and that SEO work never slackens. This is how it becomes a lead machine.
  • Be part of an international network like PRGN, which makes it possible to act independently from the domestic market (red ocean).
  • Continuously educate yourself. Never stop learning, no matter how old you are.
  • Don’t be fixated only on profit maximization or growth, but also on joyful work in your own team and with clients.

Valuable tips from a further 29 PR experts from the world of communications can be found in the eBook, which can be downloaded free of charge from the PRGN website.



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