Networking in a Global World

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Networking in a Global World

Networking in a Global World – Our Way

Finding the right business partners in a globally networked world is not easy. How do you know what a good design agency in Texas or Spain or Singapore is? Nobody is so well connected personally that he has an answer to all requirements.

As a PR agency, we networked with other PR agencies worldwide in the Public Relations Global Network at an early stage, so that we can now draw on 50 partners and offer PR services worldwide.

The Network One

We also cooperate with The Network One, a network of agencies in the fields of advertising, PR, digital, events, branding and design that also operates globally.

We are currently focusing particularly on expanding our network in the Chinese hemisphere. We have already established contacts with agencies, trade fair companies, institutions and consultants, but will continue to do so. A dedicated landing page on our own website underlines our intention to generate more business with Chinese companies.


Another good opportunity to find partners is offered by directories such as DesignRush, which is even broader than The Network One and offers 12 additional subcategories under each of the four categories “Agencies & Firms“, “Website & App Companies“, “Marketing Companies” and “Technology Companies“. A search by country is also possible, so you can quickly find answers. In addition, DesignRush offers “Trends & Insights“. We’re recognized as a top Public Relations Company on DesignRush.

Whereas in the past the local market and a good network of contacts were decisive for business success, today it is important to romp around in unknown waters at foreign locations and to have good partners and sophisticated navigation at your disposal.



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