LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform in the business world

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LinkedIn is the most popular social media business platform

Addressing stakeholders with LinkedIn

Social media has become an essential part of the way more and more companies operate. The online portal “PR-Journal” conducted a study for this purpose and ranked the most important social media channels. The results show that LinkedIn in particular has established itself as an important platform for digital presence. Twitter, on the other hand, has become less popular and is no longer even in the top five.

A regular survey by the “Erster Arbeitskreis Social Media in der B2B-Kommunikation” (First Working Group Social Media in B2B Communication) on social media usage by companies shows that LinkedIn in particular is the most important network for digital communication for many entrepreneurs. Compared to the last survey, LinkedIn was able to extend its lead by eight percentage points. LinkedIn benefits especially from its international character as well as the possibility to present topics in need of explanation precisely and to publish own professional articles and live streams. This also makes LinkedIn very useful for addressing stakeholders.

Twitter loses popularity

Twitter, on the other hand, is becoming less popular. In the last survey, the platform was pushed out of the top five by Instagram. The platform suffers from the fact that LinkedIn in particular has now replaced it as a channel for stakeholder communication. In contrast, about half of the respondents say they are using Instagram. The network, which is developing more and more into a professional communication tool, is mainly used for (moving) image communication.

Social media is a matter for the boss

Furthermore, the survey shows that responsibility for social media is increasingly being assumed by the management itself. One possible reason for this could be that, in the course of the Corona pandemic, they want to make their own companies more transparent and more approachable. This also leads to the trend of focusing on their own employees and using them as flagships for external presentation.

“First working group for social media in B2B corporate communication”

The study “Social media in B2B communication – how is the use of channels changing?” is in its second year already covering the entire DACH region. The only long-term study in the German-speaking region answers specific questions from the B2B communication side to identify trends and tendencies.

“Erster Arbeitskreis Social Media in der B2B-Kommunikation” was launched in summer 2010 by Jacqueline Althaller, founder of the agency of the same name “Althaller Communication”, in order to analyse and answer specific questions in the B2B sector.



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