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PR Agency Germany - Industrie-Contact
Internship at the PR Agency Germany

By Liv Sörensen


An unforgettable experience

For the last four months I was able to gain an insight into PR and public affairs work during my bachelor’s internship at Industrie-Contact. Time flew by. I have the feeling that I’ve only been here for a few weeks. A weird feeling when I think about waking up after Christmas and not going back to the agency …

IC is more than making coffee

Internship at IC does not mean that you learn how to make coffee properly. Sure, you are welcome to learn how the coffee machine works – but that is not part of the job. At Industrie-Contact it means being part of the team. Right from the start I was perceived as a team member and fully integrated.

I had the opportunity to participate in various events, meetings and telephone calls. I was also in Berlin for three days and was given a private guided tour of the Bundestag. This kind of integration as an intern is not a matter of course and was an absolute highlight for me.

Like a small family

The team gave me a warm welcome right from the start and made it easy for me to feel comfortable. The cohesion of the team was also strengthened by the joint lunch on Monday and the joint sports unit on Tuesday. Thank you, Elli, for your weekly commitment.

Thanks to the whole IC team for the unforgettable four months. It was a great time, and I could really learn a lot from you! I can recommend an internship at IC to everyone!



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