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International PR Workshop

Evident P.R. and Industrie-Contact work PR strategies

Finally the time had come: The workshop, which had been arranged some time ago, with our Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) partner agency from the Netherlands, was part of the agenda. Four members from Evident P.R. visited us at our agency in Hamburg, packed with good spirits. On the agenda: Search Engine Optimization for PR clients, and also the “Golden Circle” from Simon Sinek.

After some small talk, we immediately started. During the first part of the workshop, we dealt with how to offer Search Engine Optimization as a service to our PR clients. For this purpose we looked at concrete examples from our clients, what we provide on-page and off-page, which analytic tools we utilise, such as Google Analytics, Domain Authority Checker, Sistrix or Seobility. This could be illustrated by examples from several clients, on what specific enhancement potentials are available. It isn’t magic, but one must know, how to approach the content and technology levels.

In the second part of the workshop, we addressed the Golden Circle by Simon Sinek (what, how, why). He exemplified that a company should not answer questions based on What but rather on Why. He demonstrated how this model works with examples taken from Apple, Martin Luther King, the Wright Brothers or Tivo. All in all, very impressive and absolutely logical.

The Evident P.R. team also had an immediate example taken from their experiences: Because this model had helped the agency to change their self-projection and presentation. During the ‘why’ part of The Golden Circle’s it became clear for Evident P.R.,  that a “Passion for good stories” was the result . Which we found very suitable. In a second stage, we then tried to find the Why for IC. Since IC has been working with the claim for many years, “Market leaders rely on us”, we reached a preliminary Why: “We trust in good tales”. We were very pleased with the preliminary results, but want to intensify and develop these thoughts further in the near future.

Even though the workshop lasted over 4,5 hours, time flew by. It wasn’t boring or stiff even for a second. Quite the contrary: the exchanges were very interesting and constructive. Since this was basically my first participation at a PRGN meeting, I found it particularly exciting, to have personal exchanges with my international colleagues. Especially, as the conversations were very open and lively. Should we ever work again in the future on collective projects for our clients, we now know and understand our colleagues much better than when we just communicated over the telephone or by email.


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