IC with an auspicious start and a quality label into the new year

PR Agency Germany - Industrie-Contact
IC with an auspicious start and a quality label into the new year
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Excellent once again!

The PR agency Industrie-Contact (IC) based in Hamburg won the VdWA quality label the fifth time in succession. With this the agency emphasises that it is all about quality customer advice, also in eventful times like these while the media and PR sector is heavily on the move.

“Just the digital innovations, the changed rules of Google and the issue of Search Engine Optimisation affect PR and require well content and above all competent customer advice”, underlines CEO Uwe Schmidt. “Because of that we entered into the close partnership with the prestigious agency seosupport based in Berlin in the past year.”

Also the new-customer business runs well: With Smurfit Kappa Germany another time a brand leader was admitted into the customer portfolio of IC. The company is a specialist for paper-based packaging. Furthermore the Liquid Pore Germany KG could be added as a client. They sell ecological mineral insulating boards.

Beyond that CEO Uwe Schmidt collaborate intensively on the expansion of the international PR network Public Relations Global Network (PRGN). “We would like to cooperate also with networks outside the PR industry and we are open to conversations.” Schmidt is a member of the executive and marketing committees of the network and will hold the presidency for one year from the end of April.



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