IC wins Silver Award for “Green PR”

PR Agency Germany - Industrie-Contact
IC wins Silver Award for “Green PR”

Green Public Relations

At this year’s PRGN Best Practice Award, Industrie-Contact (IC) has won the Silver Award for Green Public Relations. The awarded communication project was developed and executed for the in Germany largely unknown Finnish oil company Neste Oil.

Object of the media relations activities was to make German key media report about Neste Oil’s strong commitment in developing renewable fuel made from waste materials. This goal was successfully achieved with high-grade reports in Focus, Focus Online, Wirtschaftswoche, Wirtschaftswoche online, and Die Zeit online within few months.

PRGN stands for Public Relations Global Network and is a group of almost 50 PR agencies on all continents. Industrie-Contact, headquartered in Hamburg, is member since 2002. Once a year, the network selects the best PR campaigns. There were a total of 85 submitted works.



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