IC awarded Gold

PR Agency Germany - Industrie-Contact
IC awarded Gold

Industrie-Contact wins most important Public Relations Global Network Award

Industrie-Contact awarded GOLD in Bucharest

Industrie-Contact awarded GOLD in Bucharest

At the autumn conference of the Public Relations Global Network in Bucharest, Industrie-Contact received the PRGN Business Power Award. This prize, which was awarded for the first time, is reserved for the agency, which was able to broker the highest budget sum to other partners within the 50-member organization.

In this specific case, IC shared a German PR project in the field of sexual wellness / sex toys with agency partners We Agency in France and Spider PR in the UK, leaving other agencies clearly behind.

Sex toys on the rise

In Germany, for example, the erotic PR project included a blogger beach party with Eve Champagne at Hamburg harbor. In the UK, a sexual wellness talk was organised in London. In France there was a cocktail evening with a sexologist. But the main work of the project in all three countries was intensive one-on-one interviews with editors and bloggers. More exciting information about the project: Erotic PR: How does public relations work for sex toys?

About Public Relations Global Network (PRGN)

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