From intern to working student

PR Agency Germany - Industrie-Contact
From intern to working student

By Lara Wrede

My internship at Industrie-Contact

In the summer of last year, I became aware of the job advertisement for an internship in public affairs and communications at Industrie-Contact and decided to apply. I received positive feedback relatively quickly and was invited to a virtual meeting with the two board members Jonathan Klimke and Uwe Schmidt. My initial nervousness was quickly dispelled by the pleasant manner and humor with which I was welcomed.

A great working atmosphere since the beginning

After a very interesting interview, I was full of confidence and anticipation for my upcoming internship assignment. From the first meeting, I felt welcomed by the entire great team and am very grateful for the familiar and supportive working relationship.

During my time as an intern, I was able to accompany and support highly interesting projects. A personal highlight was the coverage of the Diamond League athletics finals in Zurich, which I was able to attend together with Uwe Schmidt. As I am very interested in journalism, I was able to experience exactly how high-quality press work is created. Through this project, I was also able to learn a lot for my own way of working – especially since it was patiently explained to me what had to be done and why.

From intern to student trainee

After two months filled with exciting phone calls and meetings as well as varied projects, I had the great opportunity to be taken on as a working student and have been working hybrid in the office and home office ever since. The work continues to be very instructive and I am happy to be able to take on more and more responsibility.

Many thanks to the entire team of Industrie-Contact! I was able to learn a lot from you and your work. I can only warmly recommend an internship like this to anyone interested in public relations, communications or journalism.



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