Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies

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Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies

Important things to know about facebook marketing

Almost everyone you know is on Facebook. This includes family, friends, as well as co-workers. Facebook is the social media platform with the most users. Hence, it has a wide reach and has been used effectively for business.

The information collected by Facebook about its users can be useful to a business person. Facebook ads are successful for this reason. They isolate people according to age, demographic, social behavior, and more.

Posting your logo on Facebook is one way to catch the attention of users on the platform. A good logo design grabs the reader’s attention while constant posting keeps it in their minds.

Therefore, your logo can be recognizable to your target audience. It will pop up on their newsfeed, and they can check your product out. This way, your brand is exposed to the people that need it.

But first, you must come up with effective marketing strategies to get your product to the right audience. Some of the most effective strategies include the ones discussed below.

1. Share Content from Your Website to Your Facebook Business Page

If you have a website with a decent amount of traffic, you should let your followers know. People turn to the internet to search for products and services they require. Sharing content from your site allows your followers to view your product.

It also helps to increase trustworthiness in your customers. They can see what products you have available, their quality as well as prices. Some of your visitors are likely to convert into customers.

Therefore, if you have yet to create a website, this may be a good place to start. Many customers view your website as your online shop. Sharing your website on Facebook allows your followers to connect with your business.

2. Facebook Ads

You should separate your personal Facebook account from your business page. Ask your friends to follow your page so that they can learn about your business.

One reason why the two should be separate is that the page has no limit concerning followers. Your account only allows a maximum of 5,000 friends. On your page, your followers can go up to millions.

With such a following, you have plenty of prospects to market your business. Promoting your business page is quite easy. A point to note is that Facebook ads are cheap. However, how much you pay depends on several factors. These include:

  • Your industry
  • Your audience
  • Type of bidding and amount
  • Ad quality
  • The objective of your ad

This is important.

People do not log onto Facebook to look for products to buy. More often than not, they see an ad by chance. If it interests them, they click on the link to see more. Hence, your ads must be captivating. They should inspire the user to check out what you have to offer.

3. Engage Your Facebook Followers

Social media makes it possible for anyone to become your customer. You can even ship your products abroad to individuals and transact on the phone or via the internet. Payments are made via mobile money services or online platforms such as PayPal.

Therefore, engage your audience. Create a rapport with people. Have conversations about issues related to your product. Post contests and puzzles and join in the fun of unraveling them. Also, post promotions and giveaways and fulfill the terms you set.

4. Post Videos and Images on Facebook

Have you ever come across a Facebook post with a picture captioned ‘photo for attention’? Many users have realized that their posts have increased engagement when they include a picture or, even better, a video.

Evidently, videos are more effective than pictures. A bare post may not attract much interaction. It takes effort to get people interested in your Facebook content. Top-quality and engaging video content will get people’s attention.

Many marketers are switching from written content to video because it gets more clicks. Facebook being the largest social media platform is excellent for promoting your brand via video content. You can use them for tutorials or explaining processes.

5. Facebook Groups

Many Facebook groups set a day aside for marketing. These would be great platforms to let a large community know what you have to offer. There are all sorts of groups you can join on Facebook. These include parenting, writers groups, as well as health and fitness ones.

Alternatively, you can create one based on the product or service you offer. Invite your friends and followers to join your group. Also, request them to share with their communities and watch your group grow. Post a link to the groups you are in as well as other social media platforms.


Facebook has more than 2 billion users and counting. It is the perfect platform to expose your brand to a global audience. Many users log in every day to interact, and you can ensure that your business page is part of their interaction.



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