E-mail is the most important channel for customer communication

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E-mail is the most important channel for customer communication

Benchmark study shows increasing relevance of e-mail marketing

Companies have sent more e-mails in 2019. The opening and click rates, however, have fallen. This is one of the results of an e-mail benchmark study by the cloud communication platform Twilio.

The study examined the sending patterns of companies and the preferences of recipients. The dispatch and interaction data of around 80,000 of the company’s customers were analyzed. In addition, a qualitative survey of 1,600 participants was conducted, as well as a qualitative ethographic study of 40 participants.

The most important results of the study at a glance:

  • For a large majority, e-mail (97%) and text messages (85%) are the most important channels for communication between companies and customers.
  • The sending rate of e-mails has increased. In 2018, the participants still stated that they sent an average of seven e-mails per month, in 2019 it was 8.3.
  • The opening rates have fallen. The total opening rate fell from 18 % to 14.5 %, the total click-through rate from 2 % to 1.6 %.
  • Brand awareness and trust are important factors for opening emails. 81% of respondents said that these are relevant factors for clicking on links in an email.
  • Second most important factors for opening e-mails are content and relevance. Recipients prefer meaningful subject lines and personalized recommendations.
  • 85% of respondents want images in their emails.
  • People frequently switch between mobile and stationary devices. Some prefer the desktop device because they prefer the shopping experience there.


More information

Download the full study: Twilio SendGrid’s 2019 Email Benchmark and Engagement Study



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