Dual study program in Public Relations

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Dual study program in Public Relations

Get off to a flying start in PR!

A dual degree course in Public Relations offers practice-oriented training that combines theory and practice. Students on the Public Relations course spend part of their time at the university to acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge and the other part at a company to gain professional experience. After completing the course, graduates have both an academic distinction and several years of professional experience – a significant career advantage.

Combining professional experience and specialist knowledge: the advantages of a dual study program

Dual PR studies combine specialist knowledge from lectures at the university and insights into real work processes at the practice partner. The course of study is organized in regular alternation between the university and the company, either in the form of a split week or on a monthly basis.

The close link between studies and professional practice accompanies students both in the workplace and in the lecture hall and promotes an in-depth understanding of PR principles and strategies as well as a high level of professional competence.

One of the advantages of the course is that most students receive a salary from their practice partner, which increases their financial independence during their studies. In addition, there is the opportunity to specialize in certain PR skills such as corporate communication at an early stage and the prospect of being taken on by the practice partner after graduation.

Double application process for a dual study program in PR and communication

If you want to study Public Relations, you first have to apply for a place. Once this has been successful, a suitable practice partner is still required for enrolment. Universities can often help here, as they are in contact with companies and may have already placed students in the past. This catalog of potential practice partners provided by the university can usually be viewed. However, students are also encouraged to search for companies themselves that meet their expectations.

These include PR agencies, all companies with an internal communications department, government agencies, NGOs, all other organizations and media companies. Whether the focus is on social media and online marketing, public affairs, advertising or editorial work in journalism can be chosen just as freely as the industry.

When applying, most recruiters look for candidates with strong communication skills, the ability to express themselves well and an interest in the media. Networking and previous internships can increase the chances of finding a suitable position. Applicants should also clearly demonstrate their motivation and understanding of the PR industry. It is important to start looking for vacancies early on.

Practical and varied course content

During your studies, you will cover a variety of subjects designed to give you a broad understanding of the basics of media and communication. This includes press strategy, marketing, social media and storytelling. Business management topics such as corporate management, cost and performance accounting and market research are also covered. Soft skills such as presentation techniques, professional writing and management are also part of the curriculum. In most cases, a dual study program lasts one semester longer than the full-time model, i.e. seven semesters (3.5 years).

Bachelor’s degree plus professional experience for attractive prospects

After completing a dual degree in Communication and Public Relations, a wide range of career opportunities open up in the communications industry. Graduates are qualified for positions as PR consultants, communications managers or press spokespersons in companies, agencies and non-profit organizations.

The practical training enables them to develop strategic communication concepts, maintain the company’s reputation and carry out effective media work. Career paths in digital media, event management or internal communication can also be pursued.

Thanks to the content of the Communication and PR degree course and the professional experience gained, graduates are optimally prepared for the dynamic demands of the PR industry and can quickly take on responsibility in various communication roles.

Thanks to the two-part structure, students end their time at university or college not only with a Bachelor’s degree, but also with extensive professional experience. This is a major advantage over the traditional degree course and can guarantee attractive career prospects.

Industrie-Contact practice partner for dual study program

Industrie-Contact has taken on two dual students from the International University Hamburg for the first time since October 2023.



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