Clubhouse: Communication trend in times of social distancing

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Clubhouse: Social distancing communication trend

Culture of the spoken word moves back into focus

As of February 2021, about 2 million people already use the new app Clubhouse every week (source: Futurebiz). It’s an app that puts voice back at the center of human interaction. While Instagram and TikTok have made pictures and videos the undisputed protagonists, Clubhouse is all about talking.

The app, developed by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Paul Davison and former Google employee Rohan Seth and currently only available for iOS users, allows members to create rooms to discuss with each other. Chats or video broadcasts are not possible. All interactions take place in real time via voice.

In the rooms, which are displayed to users based on an algorithm that detects user preferences and interests, participants can choose to simply listen or actively participate in the discussion. In times when physical proximity and the opportunity to meet in person is still reduced due to the pandemic, this surrogate seems to come at the right time.

The voice at the center: before Clubhouse, podcasts benefited

If it was Clubhouse that captured the interest of the communications world in recent months, the phenomenon of podcasts has long confirmed that voice is a prime tool to be integrated into brand campaigns and omnichannel strategies.

Ease of use, the ability to engage and excite, compelling stories, and useful and interesting information for the user: These are the elements that characterize so-called sound storytelling, and for brands they represent a form of infotainment that can make storytelling more effective and thus strengthen the relationship with the reference audience.

Will the future be vocal?

Vocal socials seem destined to radically change the social landscape: Mark Zuckerberg is showing interest in Clubhouse’s dynamic and is rumored to be thinking about developing a similar product. Twitter, on the other hand, is already poised to launch Audio Spaces, a new product that will allow users to meet in voice chats with one or more users.


This article is based on the text CLUBHOUSE: IL RITORNO DELLA VOCE COME ELEMENTO CHIAVE PER LA COSTRUZIONE DELLE RELAZIONI by our Italian agency partner SoundPR.



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