Bloggers: the key to relatable, believable storytelling

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Bloggers: the key to relatable, believable storytelling

Top bloggers for PR strategy

Our Italian PRGN (Public Relations Global Network) partner Sound PR shows how important bloggers are in storytelling PR strategy. For one of their customers, outdoor clothing brand The North Face, they invited 3 of Italy’s most influential bloggers to the The North Face Laveredo Ultra Trail running event in the Dolomites so they could get a close experience the brand from up close and blog in real time. This event brought together participants from the whole world.

Emotionally charged content is a big trend on the internet nowadays. Images and videos are the best way of telling a story from a close angle, and this type of narration works particularly well on social media. Bloggers play a key role in bringing storytelling to life, which in turn helps increase a brand’s relatability and build its community. This is an opportunity for brands to win consumers’ hearts and build a relationship based on trust and loyalty.

Blogger event in the Dolomites

This was exactly what Sound PR had in mind when they invited 3 leading bloggers at famous ski resort Cortina d’Ampezzo, located in the Dolomites: Carlotta Montanera, Manuela Vitulli and Sandro Siviero.

Despite the competition existing between them, trail runners gathered from all around the world in Cortina for a friendly event. Love of sport and a fantastic atmosphere was what brought them together on the running tracks of Cortina.

The influencers were fully involved in the event: for example, Carlotta ran the Cortina Skyrace, and documented it on her blog; Sandro created a great video diary. And Manuela was constantly on the lookout for the best snapshots. The three of them brought their unique point of view to the event and documented it on their blogs.

A few years ago, customers used to have qualms about inviting bloggers, which they tended to consider as second-class journalists. Blog content was seen as too unpredictable. However, this has changed: bloggers are now at the head of storytelling. Their articles are are a source of inspiration to journalists. Ultimately, the better the event, the better the blog entries.

Industrie-Contact’s work with bloggers

Industrie-Contact can only confirm those experiences. We too, invite bloggers to our customer’s events, taking the time to identify the best by reading their entries and checking their blog traffic.

Being able to try out the products is very important for bloggers so they can document their experience on their blogs, with photos and videos.

We ourselves participate in events with a high blogger presence, for example those organized by international PR network webportalis. In just one of those events, we can find up to 80 bloggers corresponding to our customer’s target sector.

We think that bloggers have now become an indispensable part to help our customers get the maximum echo. Moreover journalists read good blogs as a place to find inspiration. Kill two birds with one stone.


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