How bloggers have changed PR

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How bloggers have changed PR

New Kids on the Blog

In one of our last articles, we had written about the new expectations of our clients with regard to graded PR (print/online/online with a high focus on SEO enhancements/online with a focus on bloggers). We had only touched briefly on blogger relations. Therefore, a few words on this still relatively young category.

When US customers asked us for blogger PR five years ago – for example in the food and lifestyle sector – there were unfortunately only very limited opportunities to serve the blogger scene at the time. First of all there weren’t as many bloggers back then as there are today and secondly, they were often very playful and unprofessional.

Nowadays, a lot has changed since then. Last year, when we organized two blogger events for a beauty PR client (one self-staged in Hamburg, plus one as patron from beautypress in Frankfurt), we had less hassle to create a customized blogger list and to conduct great background discussions with mostly young bloggers on site.

In the meantime, there are real stars out there among influencers, for example, the Australian Kayla Itsines with over 4 million followers on Instagram in the fitness scene or also Sophia Thiel from Germany, with after all over 255.000 followers likewise on Instagram.

These events showed that many bloggers / influencers were already posting news articles about client’s products onto social media during the function. As our client was due to launch their hair-removal product in Germany, they were very pleased to see how fast their messages including photos were spread online. Online PR that concentrates on bloggers / influencers, as portrayed in this case, is very useful, as a great deal of background noise can be generated.

Moreover, many online and print editorial departments watch excitedly, what gets posted on the blogger scene. This has become a sort of show-case to explore what the next hype could be.

We also wouldn’t exclude bloggers from already listed products. They are best at handling social media and ensure through their readiness, the ability to distribute many photos, good circulation on Facebook, Twitter and especially other photo-services such as Instagram or Pinterest.



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