ARD/ZDF study reveals mass communication trends in 2022

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ARD/ZDF study reveals mass communication trends in 2022

Key media usage trends will continue to prevail

  • Results of the survey make it clear that key media usage trends will continue to prevail even after the Corona pandemic has subsided
  • Average media usage time is around seven hours per day

According to the results of the ARD/ZDF Mass Communication Trends 2022 study, 99% of all people in Germany over the age of 14 use and consume media on a daily basis. At seven hours, the average media usage time is slightly below the results of previous years, but remains consistently high. Moving images are followed the most (47 %). Shortly behind at 37% is the use of media in the form of text. Auditory use remains the smallest share through the years, but increased to 15% in 2022 from 12% the previous year.

Media use after the Corona pandemic

Compared to the Corona year of 2021, overall media use has decreased slightly. While not much change can be seen in the use of videos and audios, a significant increase can be seen in the time spent reading texts per day. This can be attributed to the change in methodology, which was not used in the previous year. With the help of this methodology, reading texts on the Internet is much easier and better to record. Overall, the key media usage trends continued even after the Corona measures were relaxed.

Public service offerings appreciated across generations

The study asked respondents to rate public and private broadcasters, video and music streaming services, and video portals and social media according to performance characteristics. This revealed that across generations, public service offerings were rated as socially relevant by 81% and as credible by 78%. Social media were rated as significantly less credible in comparison, but stood out with a very high relevance among younger respondents.

Non-linear media use still on the rise

The figures show that despite the digital trend there is a demand for print titles. If you have a good concept or focus on high-quality journalism with qualitative research, you still have a chance of increasing your range of coverage. It remains to be seen whether this will be the case in the long term, and it is doubtful whether this will be the case. Because one thing is clear: the digital trend in the media will continue. Digital natives and millennials, whose lives are closely linked to the use of their smartphones, might be hard to imagine with an open newspaper or magazine. At some point, however, there will only be digital natives.


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Source: ARD/ZDF-Massenkommunikation
Information graphics (PDF): Massenkommunikationtrends 2022



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