Wiebke Hinsch

Trainee PR & Blogger Relations

Wiebke Hinsch
Wiebke Hinsch

Wiebke Hinsch is a PR Trainee at Industrie-Contact.

Wiebke completed a three-month internship at IC in 2019. She has been a permanent member of the IC team in the areas of PR and social media focussing on blogger relations since the beginning of 2021.


After graduating from high school, Wiebke spent a year abroad. She then began her studies at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences in the field of communications management. The practice-oriented degree program focuses on all processes of external and internal communication and thus teaches the basics of PR conception, press and media relations, and business administration. Wiebke developed a particular interest in the area of social media communication during her studies.

Wanderlust and fresh air

Wiebke already participated in numerous exchange programs during her school years. At that time, she developed a passion for learning about other cultures and languages. During her travels in Australia, New Zealand, America and Europe, this interest became more profound. Wiebke also enjoys spending time outdoors and getting some exercise.